Friday, 18 March 2016

Are you a premium candidate for promotion

Recently I have been trying to buy a house, house buying seems a lot different from the last time I brought a house, one of the reasons for this is there is a new concept I had to learn

Premium buyer

The area I am house hunting is a popular area, the majority of properties are sold before they are marketed and put onto Rightmove/Zoopla/other websites
Premium buyers at an estate agent get alerted when a new suitable property is added, enabling them to look round the property before the other buyers on the estate agents list even know about it.
The house viewing order is
1. Premium buyers on estate agents list
2. Normal Buyers on estate agents list
3. Everyone else who see's it on Rightmove/Zoopla

What is a premium buyer

A premium buyer is someone who have their mortgage agreed and in place, credit checks done, offer accepted on their house. Everything is done and they are ready to buy.
The premium buy is a no chain buyer who can put an offer in straight away, obviously very desirable for someone selling their house
If you want to buy a house in this competitive environment you need to be a premium buyer.
If you want to get a new job or a promotion, you need to be a premium candidate.
When I started my career I worked on a helpdesk, the next step in my career I wanted to make was to move to the development team in the same company. I had gone for one internal job there once and didn't get it. I asked for some feedback and the conversation went as follow
Hosk - Why didn't I get the job
Manager - You weren't the best candidate
Hosk - Why was the other person better suited for the role
Manager - The person had some coding experience
Hosk - How can I get coding experience when I work on the helpdesk
Manager - Learn it outside of work
My initial thought it was unfair the person expected me to get the knowledge/technical skills/experience for the job before I had the job and in my own time.
Ruminating on this idea more over the days, realizing it was very good advice. If you want to be the best candidate for a position, learning the skills used in the new job is a great idea. Below are the reasons why

It shows initiative, it shows you are proactive because you making a more compelling reason for you to be
You have put in extra work to try and get the role and prepare yourself for the role when you get it. The extra work shows you want this job/promotion and this extra work can put you ahead of your competitors.
Learning the skills for a new role shows the employer/manager you have an understanding of the new role and the skills needed.
The Best Candidate
If you have the technical skills\experience\knowledge needed for your next role it could make you the best qualified candidate for the job, particularly if it's an internal promotion
If you want to move your career forward then you need to be proactive and make things happen. Why wait until you move into a position to start obtaining the skills needed to do it.
So make sure you are the premium candidate for your next position, start preparing for it now
image by Pascal

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